On Sundays – I cook.  Sometimes I cook on other days.  And I am probably doing many other things as well.  Maybe one day I will be organized enough to post all things I’m interested in.

Basically, this is babushka training in Brooklyn Chicago.

I grew up in the midwest to Polish immigrant parents.  I am a Pilates and GYROTONIC® teacher (check out my other website!) who dances sometimes and thinks about food too much.

I really like what I do but living in New York started to drive me crazy, meaning I turned into a grandma (or more appropriately a babushka) who knit and baked pies all weekend. But I embraced it.  I didn’t grow up with my grandmothers, just a mother who made sure I was interested in many things, and who was a always a DIY kind-of woman.  The best kind-of women to be!  So now it’s my turn.  Be the best future babushka I can be.

My last name starts with Rad and at one time in my life people might have called me Jrad.  But as life should have it I am not sure I have lived up to that name (my babushka-ness) and have come to terms with being only rad-ish (because it sounds kind-of cute and radishes are pretty tasty).

This is my space to experiment and play.  What you will find here is seasonal recipes and other things I am inspired to make or DIY.  I am super nostalgic and will try to make a lot of Polish food, midwestern food and sometimes Russian and Armenian (for my boyfriend).  Lately I am really inspired by how so many of our cultural foods already have so many of the wonderful healthy trends we look for like gluten free grains, fermentation and natural sugars and I am excited to explore that!

Two things I really experienced first hand living in New York is to ‘fake it til’ you make it’ and that you learn by doing.  I will do both of those and hope to not care too much what anyone thinks about it because goodness knows that has got me nowhere in life.

I really enjoy reading about people’s lives and have always had a diary myself, and I don’t plan on stopping.

Peace, Julia Rad(ish)