beet smoothie


About twice a year I freak out about eating/being healthy.  It usually fits itself in around lent when I give something up for 40 days, and then again after summer.  This year I picked up a book my mom wanted called “Clean”, about healing ourselves with our diet.  This is something I really believe in, it is not what I put all my focus on when it comes to food but it is something I never stop thinking about.  Tradition plays a big part in what I enjoy learning to make, but I also believe our ancestors understood a lot more then we give them credit for.  Maybe they even understood food on a more instinctual level then we do now.  In the end it is nature that gives us everything we need.  So I love to spend time learning more, because it seems like I will never know enough.

I have this weird cold allergy and sometimes I get geographic tongue, and am a bit of a hypochondriac.  Most of all, I am sensitive, I feel my body very well, I listen and understand my body as part of my job, so my health is important to me.  I can’t imagine living a life not caring about my body.  My body is me and I am my body.  Of course I believe I have a soul, but my soul is very happy when I treat my body with respect.  The way we eat also has so much to do with our minds.  It is so much about control but also awareness, it’s about making choices.

So, for the first part of lent I tried to follow my own version of the clean program.  I ate a smoothie everyday for breakfast, a lunch within certain guidelines and a liquid dinner, mostly soup for me.  I felt really great.  I have done these kinds of cleanses before and I always feel great.  I really enjoyed that between dinner and breakfast you wait 12 hours.  Sometimes I eat when I first wake up and late at night and feel very sluggish.  This is a simple part of the plan that I feel l will carry on with me through my normal diet.

I did the cleanse and then went to Sicily and Florence where I ate whatever I wanted, I now have 5 pounds to lose again to feel like myself!  Maybe I will just do the cleanse again!  Can’t wait to share all the beautiful parts of my trip soon!


While making smoothies (without banana!) every morning I started experimenting with different vegetables to use.  Beets where probably my favorite, although I made one with sweet potato as well that tasted like pie.  This beet one is filled with red berries, it’s very red in general which is great for blood.  Red foods nourish the heart and small intestine.  When I asked an acupuncturist about my cold allergy she suggested strengthening my blood by eating red foods, like sour cherry juice and beet kvas.  Now I also have this beet smoothie to add to the list.


Beet Smoothie

1 small beet, peeled, cooked, cubed and cooled (you can make a bunch and keep pieces in the fridge)

1/2 cup frozen red cherries

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

1/3 of and orange + zest

1 cup coconut milk (make your own-recipe at the bottom)

blend everything and enjoy

(makes one smoothie)

basic coconut milk: soak 2 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut in 3 cups of warm water for about 10 minutes, blend and strain!  you can use a milk bag.  i also have this really cool devise which works really well!